Arthur Morgan: Feels like... things have changed. Sean MacGuire: Come on, we should get outta here. Arthur Morgan: Certainly kicking up enough of a fuss. We're all good. Sean MacGuire: Besides, what do you care, Englishman… you’ve got no time for me. O’Driscoll: I don't think you should just he wandering around here, friend. Arthur Morgan: I think so. No. Tell me something you like. Arthur. A warm embrace for a lost brother, now found? Arthur Morgan: You know... nothing means more to me than this gang. Dutch van der Linde: Not yet, but Hosea's working on it. Stranger: No business. Hosea Matthews: Jenny too. Sean MacGuire: It’s do or die, with you… [Arthur scares Jamie's horse with a shot.] Edith Downes: My husband isn't well. Let's go. Dutch van der Linde: Especially when we rob this train, too. Our needs right now are supplies, equipment and a way out of here. Wary of strangers. Let me speak to the boy! Arthur Morgan: That's not saying much. Dutch van der Linde: You have turned into my son… you worry, because I worry. Arthur Morgan: Does it pay well? John Marston: That's right. We should go on loot from here. Really. Arthur Morgan: Come on, let's see if there's anything else. Curtis: Why does he yell at us like that? Hotel owner: Can I help you, sir? He is very emotional.] [He shot Stranger 2 in a duel.] Arthur Morgan: I can see. Girl: (weeping) They came three days ago... and my husband, they... Arthur Morgan: It's been a long time, Jamie Gillis. Hosea Matthews: Why are we doing this? In fact don’t tell me, I already know. Alright you... come on... let's go. RDR2 Scripts Banking The Old American Art – a banking mod 0.5.2 RDR2 Scripts John, too. Settler In German: Yes, yes, we’re leaving. Arthur Morgan: Well, if you feel the tip of your fishing rod just… twitching? I heard so much bluster out of your mouth these last six months… and now I got an opportunity to watch you be silenced. They’re only ranch hands. Rangers corral the sheep.] Help! Always... trouble. Let’s go. Micah Bell: You're a funny feller, Arthur. Plumes in her hat was two feet tall... the crack in her pants paid for it all. The game features 1,200 actors, 700 of whom share the game's 500,000 lines of dialogue. I don't believe it. And go catch us some fish! So it is time for everyone to get to work. Least we all know you can read. Dutch van der Linde: Would you just look around you. Arthur Morgan: Well, I ain't gonna lie to you... this is a real bad day for you, Kieran Duffy. [In the distance they notice a pack of hungry wolves.] And you haven't, you repulsive old lizard. Come on… this way. Arthur Morgan: Maybe… (sees a tied man) This looks like our feller, Charles. Arthur Morgan: Lenny... you... bastard! Javier Escuella: He hasn't stopped talking since we left you in Valentine. Javier Escuella: (to Arthur) How you doing? You got throwing knives in your saddle bag. John Marston: I sure hope so. Chick Matthews: You're too slow, old man. Arthur Morgan: What are you doing anyway, camping out here like some crazy hermit? Why are you up here? John Marston: Collect something… help us get some sheep. Killed or herded up to the reservations in the middle of nowhere. [They stop on a mountain. Hosea Matthews: Ah, shit. Arthur Morgan: You still here? Hosea Matthews: For now… a little optimism, Arthur. Money. Arthur Morgan: I don’t know. Arthur Morgan: Still time. Arthur Morgan: Only when dealing with idiots. Get your strength up for the ride back. Dutch van der Linde: (harshly) Yes, I did. I was asked to give them… and I'm doing you the further courtesy of telling you about it. Micah Bell: Making a house call. How Red Dead Redemption 2 uses AI to create a believable world. Simply veer East off the path - just North of Annesburg - and you will find a rather large rock amongst the shrubs. John Marson: I was always ugly, Dutch... it's just a scratch. Charles, why don't you head up on the north side... and then we'll head up on the other side of the valley and meet you.. that way we have them either direction. Micah Bell: Another lot of'em. Hosea Matthews: Leviticus Cornwall's no joke, Dutch, he's... You really are. But I'm not a good man, Jimmy Brooks... not usually. Arthur Morgan: Morning. Abigail Marston: He ain't been seen in days. What's not to understand? Arthur Morgan: Heaven forbid you put your head on the line. When you were fishing with Jack? Ladies, sing us a song. Mary Linton: Jamie! Guard 3: We ain't coming out! Son: Oh, I agree. Arthur Morgan: Calm down. Abigail Marston: He's okay, just needs some rest. Arthur Morgan: This goddamn weather. Lenny Summers: Look at this place. Arthur Morgan: Okay, like I said, I’ll handle this. Arthur Morgan: Nah. I'mma be a hundred years old by the time we get this done. Jamie Gillis: Are you still with Dutch and, what was his name... Hester? I can see he's thinking a little clearer. Arthur Morgan: That's the spirit. Mary Linton: He's broken daddy's heart. [He rides away on his horse.] Arthur Morgan: Just make sure the gang gets its piece. Sean MacGuire: Hurry up, fellers! You're the only one I can rely on to stay strong right now. Arthur Morgan: Old Dutch? So how are things with you and John? John Marston: Fine sheep. Chelonian: Shell of safety. Arthur Morgan: You okay, Bill? You’ll probably only run off again. Charles Smith: Who knows, maybe she'll deal with the O'Driscoll for us. Son: Let's just enjoy the silence for a few minutes, before he starts griping at us again. It ain’t a big show… I need calmness. Lenny Summers: Should we move up? Arthur laughs.] [Patron 1 apperas at the counter.] Please, mister! Lenny Summers: Here comes Arthur. Arthur Morgan: Not this again. John Marston: Save your horses, we got a climb, boys. Arthur Morgan: You feeling any better? Kieran Duffy: Get lost? Arthur Morgan: Gentlemen. Micah Bell: I ain't never seen so many long faces. Hosea Matthews: Whiskey? Hosea Matthews: And that's why he's perfect. This ain't what I'd call a two-man job, Arthur. Micah Bell: Follow me. [Arthur unhappily groans and goes to the cabin, where he makes a diary entry.]. We moving on the camp?I left our guide up there. Arthur Morgan: Been a wild few days alright. It will automatically find game folder and start the game with scripts. Micah Bell: Railroad contracts... invoices... blah blah blah. Come on, Arthur. Twitter Facebook Alright, dig in, fellers. Arthur Morgan: Where's our money? Girl: Get away from me! Sean, we don't even know. Arthur Morgan: Somewhere you ain't gonna like. But I'm warning you... GAim4A. Charles Smith: I only showed you a little. Abigail Marston: Very funny. [John approaches.] Arthur Morgan: Lenny! Hosea Matthews: Take a look then. Hosea Matthews: You're the one who's been out gallivanting around here. Arthur Morgan: Find a new spot to camp. Let me handle this, we don't wanna spook these fine people. Some fellers coming back into camp. Mother In German: I thought you were dead… Dutch van der Linde: What did you find? I've found something... a calling. I am not a man to be messed with by the likes of you. Stranger: I'm gonna break your neck! That's the thing you see, 'cause it... Lenny? I ain't quarrelsome. Now let me talk to the boy! We've only been up here a few days and have already picked up two more mouths to feed. Arthur Morgan: Me and my big mouth. Live the rest of your life in the mountains, with those people? Come on, let’s pick up your things and get home. Just ten or, fifteen sessions. Does feel a bit like our luck died with them, too. Bill Williamson: Put that ape down, come on! Arthur Morgan: He’d be a damn idiot going anywhere near that town right now. John Marston: Why are you so interested in my life? Dutch van der Linde: We got some fellers holed in up this last car. Dutch van der Linde: Arthur Morgan: we leave no man behind. Javier Escuella: Oh, man, I dread to think about it. Settler In German: You’re taking me to my family? Arthur Morgan: It's a strange one alright. Arthur Morgan: How many you say? Damn it, Arthur, you should have been more careful. Kieran Duffy: Hey... hey... I-I-If I got my bearings, it's over here. Arthur Morgan: I only like shooting young idiots who run away from me... when I'm trying to help them. Stop that. Let’s go. Sad sacks the lot of 'em. Hotel owner: Yeah, they're in 2B, upstairs. Like I said, coarse, but competent. Arthur Morgan: Nonsense, me? Questions related to RDR2 scripting in general are better off in forums dedicated to this purpose, like NexusMods or Benedict Allbright: There's been some terrible mistake. There. That's who we are. Dutch van der Linde: Well, you are going to talk. Dutch van der Linde: Micah, what the hell do you think you're doing? Dutch van der Linde: Let’s get Strauss and go. No mistakes, not again. Dutch, what do you want me to do? [Arthur gets back to the camp.] Sean is being moved up the Upper Montana... then to a federal prison out west. Arthur Morgan: (laughs) I hope so. Come on, Arthur. And you want me to help them? Dutch van der Linde: Always is. And… there might be a second crew of riders tailing. And now we are stuck... east of the Grizzlies and out of money... and a long way from our dream of virgin land in the west. Everyone ready? [Orville leaves.] Look at your hand. My name is Leviticus Cornwall. Stranger 2: And you ain't interested in fame? Arthur Morgan: Bought that gun. You think you can bring him in? Javier Escuella: There's some tracks leading to the river. Come here, partner. [Arthur breaks away from his pursuers and leaves Valentine. Lilly Millet: You have any idea of the hole I'm in? Dutch van der Linde: What do you think? Don't hurt him! Arthur Morgan: So there we are. Jamie Gillis: You know, you taught me how to ride a horse. Passenger 1: Okay, okay godammit! Arthur Morgan: Any of this. I suppose we ain't run into them much the last six months. This was our pa's dumb idea. Arthur Morgan: Okay. Javier Escuella: That's John! Arthur Morgan: Anyone around? Hosea Matthews: I reckon we can handle it... Alright Charles, you and me hold the thing up while you try and put the wheel back on, Arthur. Karen Jones: To Valentine! Now… who knows if this son of a bitch we got with us is talking true… but if it's what he says it is... and Colm O'Driscoll's here... we can end years of fighting. [Arthur puts the tied guy on the horse and rides to Dutch.] Hosea Mattews: How'd you get on? Arthur Morgan: You think I don’t see this? W-We have to stop this train! Sean MacGuire: Don’t be playing coy with me, son, it’s unbecoming. Kieran Duffy: I ain't no O'Driscoll. I think we have an understanding? You won't know till you get in the saddle. And we need him alive... that's an important point. Stranger 2: Get outta here, buddy, I paid. Come on now. Uh, for you. Arthur Morgan: You're pathetic. Arthur Morgan: Still bad? Sharing saddle with an O'Driscoll. Benedict Allbright: Come on, partner, that's crap. Who is this guy? Hosea Matthews: Let's go then. Arthur Morgan: That was different. Deputy 2: Come here, you drunk fool. Leopold Strauss: Put the debts in the deed box and try not to kill them... it's very bad for business. Benedict Allbright: I have to insist that this is a mistake. Arthur Morgan: Let's hope so. Charles? Arthur Morgan: See, I told Dutch you weren't the right man for this. Arthur Morgan: Anything fun? Arthur Morgan: You need to rest, Charles. I heard about that. I’ll explains later. Arthur Morgan: I've got an unfortunate face. Arthur Morgan: Right… and I know by now, there ain’t no lying low. Patron 3: Come here, boy... come here. Hosea Matthews: No doubt. ["Blessed are the Meek?" Jamie Gillis: I don't have to answer to you! Arthur Morgan: Come on. Genre(s) Jimmy Brooks: Oh, I agree. John, we’ll push the wagon. Already? [Two men on horseback ride up to them.] Colm O'Driscoll... he ain't here. Sean MacGuire: I can scrap, Arthur… I’m just no good at home work. Just pull the coach into the barn there. Ain't that the truth. Whatever you say, I’m done arguing. Let’s go get your pole then. But until then, you just… sit, and wait, and… try not to worry. Micah Bell: Come on, kid. You people venerate savagery… and you will die… savagely. Arthur Morgan: That's what he says. You won the fight already, surely that's enough? The only question is now... or after we got these little fellers off? Dutch van der Linde: And remember, whatever it is that you find... the camp gets its slice. [Jimmy is leaving in a hurry. Walkthrough Father You too, friend. Shut up... and err... good luck. Hosea Matthews: Up near the Dakota River. They should be here any minute. It's very bad winter. Stay strong, Hosea. Arthur Morgan: So, you're actually buying for once? Patron 6: I'm Clyde. You need horses? A few loose ends, drink here, drink there. Arthur Morgan: Not one more goddamn word, am I clear? You saved my life. Dutch van der Linde: Oh, none taken. Arthur Morgan: I told you to shut up. To protect you from folk like them. Arthur Morgan: What a modern disaster this is going to be. And I hope the bastards'll be reunited soon enough. That feller's a joke. Arthur Morgan: And that's good? Daughter: They took our father. Arthur Morgan: Good for him. Hosea Matthews: There's a bunch of the boys already in Valentine… Bill, Charles and Javier. No more. John Marston: It ain’t that simple. Alright, come on. I'm taking you to Colm as best as I can. Crawford: What? Leopold Strauss: He's more slippery than he seems. More of them. Javier Escuella: I'd grab that shotgun from your horse. I need your help. [They enter Valentine.] Arthur and Lenny laugh and roll in the mud with pigs. What you got, O'Driscoll? Gunsmith: Hello, how can I help you today? I mean... he may be as dumb as rocks and as dull as rusted iron... but that ain't changing because... he got caught in some snowstorm. Jack Marston: Why did you lie about where Uncle Dutch is? Arthur Morgan: Come on. Come here for a minute. Arthur Morgan: Gentlemen. Right, we should split up. Arthur Morgan: Hey, mister. Dutch van der Linde: I saw. The others grab Bill Williamson, trying not to let him hit back.] We need your help real bad. You wanna take the lead? Dutch van der Linde: Gentlemen, we have survived. Stranger: There is that. Seamus: Exactly. Arthur Morgan: How's that debt looking now? Hosea Matthews: That's an interesting way of putting it, Seamus. Hosea Matthews: I'm heading back to camp, I think. This place is perfect. Arthur Morgan: So, I guess… we need to stop them before they get to camp. Dutch van der Linde: You've found him? Lenny Summers: There's another guard up ahead, you want me to take him? Karen Jones: Nothing... we'll find something for y'all to do... we always do. I imagine you still miss her. Arthur Morgan: Keep moving! Wróbel In Polish: Should never trust Prussians, or Americans for that matter.