If you just need to change the last part of package name, use the method outlined by GreyBeardedGeek, namely, Right-click on the package in the Project pane. How to rename com.example.app to com.android.app: in package com.example.app select example. Use PINCERS (Q); take 2/3 MEDICAL SYMBOL, BURNER PART (R). Easy solution (G). https://stackoverflow.com/questions/16804093/rename-package-in-android-studio/52740111#52740111, https://stackoverflow.com/questions/16804093/rename-package-in-android-studio/25468520#25468520, https://stackoverflow.com/questions/16804093/rename-package-in-android-studio/29271965#29271965, https://stackoverflow.com/questions/16804093/rename-package-in-android-studio/30161991#30161991, https://stackoverflow.com/questions/16804093/rename-package-in-android-studio/36391572#36391572, https://stackoverflow.com/questions/16804093/rename-package-in-android-studio/29224945#29224945, https://stackoverflow.com/questions/16804093/rename-package-in-android-studio/38766294#38766294, https://stackoverflow.com/questions/16804093/rename-package-in-android-studio/46960763#46960763, https://stackoverflow.com/questions/16804093/rename-package-in-android-studio/25903339#25903339, https://stackoverflow.com/questions/16804093/rename-package-in-android-studio/46116299#46116299, http://tools.android.com/tech-docs/new-build-system/applicationid-vs-packagename. Take CLOSED CANE-SWORD; use HAIR SLIDE (S); take EMBLEM PART; use SOAP (T); take DUSTER (U). (1-A)-(2-B)-(3-D)-(4-E)-(5-H)-(6-F)-(7-J)-(8-I)-(9-G)-(10-C). https://stackoverflow.com/questions/16804093/rename-package-in-android-studio/29092698#29092698, WARNING: if you select "Rename all" when renaming also "com" it will rename not only things into the selected module but into all modules into this project, What should I do if I need to delete part of the package? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/16804093/rename-package-in-android-studio/39520618#39520618, https://stackoverflow.com/questions/16804093/rename-package-in-android-studio/59132830#59132830. The other is to name the package for the R.java class which is generated when you build your project. Take WHEEL, note (I); place POT; use GARDEN GLOVES (J); take PLANT STICKS, 1/2 ALLIANCE AMULET (K). domain extension and App folder name according to your requirement. Use STRONG ROPE (H); speak to character; receive MUSIC ROLL. Select the package name in the Java folder. the second steps are essential and usually looked over in most answers. Place WING (C); take CROSSBOW; place 2/2 GEARS (D); take NUT (E). Use BURNER (S); select handle; take SURGICAL TWEEZERS, 2/2 CHESS PIECES (T). We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. I found another way that works or an extra step to some of the answers here especially if you want to change the domain as well. Place GEAR, DANCER (D); take SCRAPER, CANDLE (E). You may need to update your Android Manifest file to reference the new package if you use this method. Instead do the following: Note this will not change the package name. Place MAP (H); select 1-3; take DECORATIVE POMMEL, TWEEZERS (I). Please note that if your package name is, for example, com.example.android.projectname then this will let you change com.example.android to something else. Done! Take note; use PEN AND INKWELL, CUTTER SET (V); receive EMBLEM PART; take 1/2 SNAKE EYES (W). Rest of the procedure is the same, https://stackoverflow.com/questions/16804093/rename-package-in-android-studio/26553563#26553563, https://stackoverflow.com/questions/16804093/rename-package-in-android-studio/40638290#40638290. After all that, do Sync/Clean/Rebuild project as necessary. Choose Refactor -> Rename from the context menu. This guide won't tell you when to zoom into a location; the screenshots show each zoom scene. Beautiful answer...quick and precise.. No long steps. I did this way but Now it says class not exist at launch time. Very simple step though, great solution. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/16804093/rename-package-in-android-studio/29965435#29965435, https://stackoverflow.com/questions/16804093/rename-package-in-android-studio/30267198#30267198, https://stackoverflow.com/questions/16804093/rename-package-in-android-studio/42912849#42912849, https://stackoverflow.com/questions/16804093/rename-package-in-android-studio/33175066#33175066, https://stackoverflow.com/questions/16804093/rename-package-in-android-studio/35193774#35193774, If Shift+F6 is not working for you, then you can try Alt+Shift+R to refactor the package. Have no doubt I won't see it. F-Dx2-A-E-B-Cx2-Dx2-Fx3-D-Fx2-Ax2. Thank you. Refactor > Rename and rename to the new one, 2021 Stack Exchange, Inc. user contributions under cc by-sa. Take EMPTY FLASK, 1/2 PANTHER'S EYES; use SEA SHELL (A); take 2/2 GEARS; use BIRD SKULL; receive WING (B). One more thing, this will update the applicationId in your build.gradle as well. Press OK. Place 3/3 MEDICAL SYMBOLS (W) for HOP (X); receive WING NUT. 3- open build.gradle(Module: app) and change the applicationId to the desired package name. Place LITTLE BIRD (I); take CLOSED CIGAR CASE, PENCIL (J). Choose Refactor -> Move from the context menu. 2- Open AndroidManifest.xml and inside tag change the package to the desired package name. Replace, select POCKET FAN; take SEA SHELL, 3/3 COIN (R); use HAT for FROG (S). NEEDLE, CORK and FEATHERS on BROKEN DART for DART. Place WHEEL, WRENCH (H) for HOP (I); receive CONDUCTOR'S BADGE. Are you still working on it? Sometimes if you change the package name, but after creating the .apk file it shows a different package name. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/16804093/rename-package-in-android-studio/35057550#35057550, Thanks working on Android Studio 1.5.1 It changes package automatically No need to create new package and drag and drop files and delete old package Blah Blah Blah, not working i am pressing shift +f6 its not working, https://stackoverflow.com/questions/16804093/rename-package-in-android-studio/16804356#16804356. (1-A)-(2-B)-(3-D)-(4-E)-(5-H)-(6-F)-(7-J)-(8-I)-(9-G). TOY WINDMILL, CAPTURED LIGHTNING and AIRSHIP MODEL in Bestiary. package declaration at head of file) and set your cursor to the domain you want to change and hit "Shift + F6", it would come out with a dialog with multiple use warnings, click on "Rename packages" and then click on "Do Refactor" it should rename everything including the R.Java files. :Then right click the old package and delete it with all its data, and delete that directory as well, Step 9 One is to uniquely identify your app in the Google Play Store. That answer works. Rebuild and run your project to see whether it work. TOP HAT, LIANA on DAMAGED SCOOP NET for SCOOP NET. BROKEN EMBLEM PART, EMBLEM PART and GLUE on EMBLEM PART for ACADEMY EMBLEM. From the Android Studio click over the gear icon ( ) and then select the option: "Compact Empty Middle Packages", to see the folders separated in a tree view. Take HACKSAW (L); place SWORD POMMEL; take STONE SWORD (M). Place BELL (O) for HOP (P); receive FRUIT TRAY. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/16804093/rename-package-in-android-studio/28336365#28336365. Refactor to rename one or more of these directories to reach your aim. Place WOLF'S BONE; take HAT, 3/3 LENSES (D). To rename your package name, all you have to do is go to your AndroidManifest.xml file, put your mouse cursor in front of the part of the package name you want to change. Packages serve two purposes. Use PEN KEY (V); receive INKWELL AND PEN. Give BERRIES; take MEDICAL ACADEMY STAMP (F). Use 2/2 NEEDLE AND THREAD; place AIR PUMP (A); take AIRSHIP MODEL (B). Place 2/2 SCORPIONS; take SNOW GLOBE, NAILS (J). F-Dx2-A-E-B-Fx2-Ax3-E-Ax2-F-C-Fx2-B-E-D-C-Fx2-Ax2. Edit build.gradle. beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO einseitig kabelgebundener Over-Ear-Studiokopfhörer für Mixing, Mastering und Editing mit 250 Ohm: Amazon.de: Musikinstrumente For future reference, what did you come up with? Rename package. Easy and hard solutions (G). Now, when you build your project, Speak to character; receive VICTOR'S NOTEBOOK. :Rebuild your project again, bingo your project packagename has been changed :). Give COOKIES (P); take note, SAMUEL TESLA PORTRAIT (Q). I've found this to be the easiest one and the one that covers all areas like generated files. @ChrisNevill and how did u delete those empty packages please? This may take a while because it is also looking through the generated items. Use OPENED WINE (D); take DAMAGED SCOOP NET (E); use LEATHER GLOVE (F); take WRENCH (G). Did not get any errors with old package name. Rotate A one and a half-turn clockwise; place D as shown; press C. Solution (F2). Hard solution (B). CANDLE on CLOSED WALLET for GARDEN GLOVES, BROCHURE. Use HEAVY CANDLESTICK (E); take 3/3 METAL PIGEONS, SCREWDRIVER (F). Hard solution. B1x2-D2-I-C2x3-C3x2-I-D4-D5-I-C5x2-A4x2-G-A1-A2x2-C2-A4-A5-F. I-D1x2-E2-I-E3-I-D3x2-D2x3-I-C2x3-C3x3-A3x2-A2x2-H. Congratulations. I think I just selected them and pressed delete. Use GLOVE (R); take CAT TOY (S); use CUTTERS; take WAGON WHEEL CHANDELIER (T). Use CUTTERS (S); take SCALE use WIRE for mini-HOP (T); take STONE FLOWER. Women's Murder Club: A Darker Shade of Grey Game Walkthrough, Mae Q'West and the Sign of the Stars Walkthrough. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Place BROCHURE; use DRINK UMBRELLA (F); select BROCHURE; take, use key (G). The only thing you should notice here is you must choose the directories rather than Packages when a dialog ask you. Note also that you may need to modify package names in e.g. Here are the steps to follow: I've found a way easier solution to this problem which also changed the generated imports like com.test.testpackagechange.R and only takes about a minute. This is what I did: So for example if you want to rename "com.example.app" to "com.YourDomain.app", open a file under the package to be renamed, in the package breadcrumbs, set your cursor to "example" part of the domain and hit Shift + F6 and rename package to "YourDomain". this worked great for me, also had to update the AndroidManifest file too. > java.io.IOException: com.android.ide.common.process.ProcessException: Instead of Copy, I just Moved and by using this operation instead, I didn't had any erros after rebuild. Place STONE FLOWER; take 2/2 RUBIES (U). Select the option icon of the Project tab and de/activate this. Place 3/3 CABINET INLAYS (B); take WOLF'S BONE (C). However, you will have to follow it up by changing the app_name attribute in strings.xml file too! Refactor → Move → "Move xxx to new package". Now open your Gradle Build File (build.gradle - Usually app or mobile). it is not possible to change com.name.android to com.Renamed.android when one tries to modify at the com.name.android level. Remove cloth (F), take note; use COLORED PIGMENT; use FLUFFY STEM (G); select 1-3 for HOP (H); receive HEAVY ENCYCLOPEDIA. I'm trying to change the com.example.android.package to my own domain (which ends .net). (G) Bx7-A-Bx2-A-Bx5-A-Bx5-A-Bx3-A-Bx7-A-Bx6-A. Hard solution (F). Place REWARD CUP; take KNIFE HANDLE, PACKAGE (T); take, open, select book (U). Bx10-C-E-Cx8-E-Dx10-Cx13-E. Hard solution (L). Refactor > Rename only allows me to rename the last part of the package, e.g. Easy solution (D). https://stackoverflow.com/questions/16804093/rename-package-in-android-studio/18637004#18637004. Il razzismo negli Stati Uniti d'America rappresenta un fenomeno storico presente fin dall'epoca coloniale. Your package name will be changed from all the Java files and the manifest file. 2/2 SNOWFLAKES on SNOW GLOBE for OPEN SNOW GLOBE. Ax4-Bx2-Cx3-D. Give VICTOR'S PORTRAIT (H); speak to character; receive COUNTER KEY. I tried the two top-voted solutions but found some issues even though both work to some extent. WATER, SCROLL WITH ACADEMY RULES and SNAIL on Bestiary. After that you will get a pop up to place the new package name. LENSES, NEEDLE and THREAD on DAMAGED GAS MASK for GAS MASK. Use SURGICAL TWEEZERS for FLORENA IMAGE; use ANIMAL SKULL (H); take 1/2 STATUE'S HEART (I). At that time check "applicationId" in the build.gradle file. If your package name is more than two dot separated, say com.hello.world and moreover, you did not put anything in com/ and com/hello/. right click on the root folder of your project. BOTTLE OPENER on SEALED BOTTLE for OPENED WINE. build.gradle, manifest, and/or any xml resource files, or even in your code if hardcoded. I tried doing this and I hit a snag. Give BANANA; take 3/3 MEDICAL SYMBOL (V). Solution (F1). Assuming you want to change the external package so you can identify in the Play store, there's a convenient way to do this. (Note since my cursor is on "something", only something is renamed.). Select matching symbols for easy/hard solution (M); take MECHANISM DETAIL (N). This needs to be chosen as a correct answer since it is very simple and fast way to follow. Give TRAIN TICKET (C); speak to character. Rotate A one-turn clockwise; position D as shown. :Then you will find some errors of old import packagename in your project Use SCOOP (A); take SCREW, FISHING LINE (B). Choose Refactor -> Rename from the context menu. OK I have been struggling with cloning & renaming projects in Android Studio, but finally I achieved it. A-Bx5-A-Bx5-A-Bx3-A-Bx7-A. Place VICTOR'S WEDDING RING (J); receive VICTOR'S CANE. Take DRINK UMBRELLA; use NAPKIN (P); take 1/2 CIGAR CASE AMULET; use BRACELET (Q); receive BROOM; place CRATE (R); take RING KNOB, CLOSED WALLET and GEAR (S). Place your cursor in the package name like shown below. You will get two popups. Place LETTER (S); take TOWER FIGURINE (T). C-B-Cx2-B-Ax4-B-Cx2-B. After that you need to remane the package name in android manifest to the name of the new package. If you need to change the last part, do the rename accordingly. Change the applicationID to whatever package name you want. If you've got lots of classes in your project, it will take you a while to wait for its auto-scan-and-rename. 2/2 SNAKE EYES on CLOSED CANE-SWORD for CANE-SWORD. : Right click on java and add a new package and set the desired package name, Step 4 (D-J)-(H-J)-(C-J)-(A-J)-(G-J)-(B-J)-(E-J)-(K). WHISTLE, FROG and TAMING COLLAR on Bestiary. Replace com.one.lastname -> com.two.newname and com/one/lastname -> com/two/newname in ...\Projects[MyProject]. Right click on package -> refactor and change the name. 1st one does not work if i have "xxx.mydomain.com" kind of package). Ax2-B-Cx3-D-E-F-Gx3-H-K-Jx3-Ix2. Easy solution (A). WET BRUSH, MECHANISM DETAIL on BROKEN MECHANISM for BELL. Hard solution (F). Take SEALED BOTTLE (P); place HANDLE; take HEAVY GOBLET (Q). The best way is to write the new package name and drag from the older package name. Enter your new name and select Refactor. 5 corpi senza testa (1964) BRRip m720p – ITA/ENG 1.98 GB 5 giorni fuori (2010) BRRip m720p – ITA/ENG 2.08 GB 50 volte il primo bacio (2004) BRRip m720p – ITA/ENG 880 MB For that the sound quality only gets 4 stars, comfort and gaming (after equalizer settings) are a 5 out of 5. Place CANNON BALL; use FLINT AND STEEL (X) for HOP (Y); receive LONG SIGN. OIL CAN, BURNER PART on INCOMPLETE BURNER for BURNER. (Be sure to do a preview of changes.). Very Smart! Take PEN; ring bell; speak to character (T). : Select the Project option from left menu of Android Studio, Step 2 Place HUMAN AND SPIRIT LAWS (A); take YO-YO (B). Highlight each part in the package name that you want to modify (don't highlight entire package name) then: Do these steps in each part of the package name. clean your project, then rebuild. Place 2/2 PANTHER'S EYES; take STONE SCROLL (P). [ALSO], it might need you to replace all com.hello.world.R to the new XXX.XXX.XXX.R(Command+Shift+R for short). This will create a new package folder (when necessary) but will keep the last part of your package name as before. 4.5 out of 5 stars 691 ₹ 11,999.00 Creative Sound BlasterX G6 Hi-Res 130dB 32bit/384kHz Gaming DAC,External USB Sound Card with Xamp Headphone Amp,Dolby Digital,7.1 Virtual Surround Sound,Speaker Control for PS4,Xbox One,Nintendo Take note, use COMB (M); take WHISTLE; select handle (N); use NIGHT VISION DEVICE; select (O) for HOP (P); receive POCKET FAN. the app in com.example.mypackage.app. Select the old package name in any file and press CTRL + Shift + R , and enter you new package name in replace box, then press find, Step 10 VICTOR'S NOTEBOOK for 1/3 MAGIC SEEDS ESSENCES, HOOKED NECKLACE and BULLET. In the warning dialog, select Rename package and then insert the desired package name. Open Manifest.xml and change the package name to what you want. Use CANE-SWORD (L); take SNAIL, 1/2 CHESS PIECES, HOOK and NAIL (M). 1- open MainActivity.java or any available java file. POISONOUS FISH, FLOAT and TAR on Bestiary. Easy and hard solutions (N): (E-H)-(B-A)-(C-E)-(D-F)-(E-G)-(G-A). This is one holy grail answer! Place RING KNOB (L); use BUNCH OF FEATHERS (M); take 2/2 ALLIANCE AMULET, FLINT AND STEEL. If you did not get any errors, then do not go after step 9. Cx23-B-E-Bx13-E-Ax10-E-Ax10-E. Place 2/2 ALLIANCE AMULET (O); take JACK (P). The decoupling of Package Name and Application ID is explained here: Use UMBRELLA CANE (Z); take NEEDLE, GNOME'S HAT (A). F-D-C-A-B-C E-F-I-G-D-C-E-F-D-C-E-H-I-F-E-H-I. This only changes the name in gradle, and nowhere else. Take MUG, BROKEN EMBLEM PART and SOAP (R). :Rename the package name in build.gradle file, Step 7 (3) Edit the build.gradle file and make APPLICATION_ID match the new package name. Place SAMUEL TESLA PORTRAIT (R) for HOP (S); receive MIRROR. Place MUSIC ROLL; read notes; take TOY HORSE DETAILS, CLOTH (I). Open the menu (build) and choose (Rebuild Project). Use DUSTER (I); take INCOMPLETE BURNER; 2/2 SNAKE EYES; use MUG for WATER (J). Here change or Command+1 for shortcut) and rename directories refactoring is So in summary, click on build.gradle which is below the "AndroidManifest.xml" and modify the value of applicationId to your new package name. Use SCALE; take 2/2 SCORPIONS, SHOE HEEL (I). How do you rename packages in the new IDE Android Studio, based on IntelliJ IDEA? If you need to change the whole package name, do the following. Take CARVING TOOLS; use HELMET (X); receive WATER; use INKWELL AND PEN (Y); receive CORK. Easy solution (W). Update the applicationId in the defaultConfig to your new Package Name and Sync Gradle, if it hasn't already been updated automatically: You may need to change the package= attribute in your manifest. Speak to character; receive GLASSES; take HANDLE (O). Easy solution (L). Take VALVE; place DRY BRUSH for WET BRUSH; place HOOK, FISHING LINE (C); take WOODEN HANDLE, BUTTON (D). Place CONDUCTOR'S BADGE (J); take 2/3 MAGIC SEEDS ESSENCES, RAMROD (K). It's not production. You have completed playing Spirit Legends: Time for Change. Use YO-YO (C); take HEAVY CANDLESTICK (D). In step 2, here is what you need to do.You need to change the old package name in applicationId under the module build.gradle in your android studio in addition to changing the package name in the manifest. Now close Android Studio and go to Finder on Mac or Windows Explorer on Windows. :Copy all the files from your old package and paste in the new package, Step 5 IntelliJ IDEA has an option called "Compact Empty Middle Packages". Replace the old package with the new one. Easy solution (L). :Rename the package name in manifest file, Step 6 Then press Shift + F6 you will get a popup window as shown below select You don't have to touch AndroidManifest. In such case, select Rename All. This method doesn't allow to change the last component of the name (and I tried several times). PEN, MEDICAL ACADEMY STAMP on BLANK RECORD for PATIENT'S RECORD. Place NET, WAGON WHEEL CHANDELIER and ENORMOUS NUT (X); speak to character; receive SPIRIT FIGURINE. Welcome to the Spirit Legends: Time for Change Walkthrough A masked man declares war on the Monster Hunters Academy! Give SEEDS; take BUNCH OF FEATHERS (X), FLOAT (Y). Open (Gradle Script) >> (build.gradle(Modul:app)), and update the applicationId to your package name. I privilegi e i diritti sanzionati legalmente o socialmente furono largamente dati ai bianchi americani, ma negati ai nativi americani, agli afroamericani, agli asioamericani e agli ispanici sudamericani. I have used the "Refactor" main menu and click on "Rename". How can I change top level package name in IntelliJ IDEA? Take envelope, note; BOOKSTAND, SCROLL (Z). Speak to character (A); select suitcase (B) for HOP (C); receive Bestiary. Use HACKSAW (N); take SCALES, CLOSED MEDALLION (O). AKHAS IMAGE, FLORENA IMAGE on CLOSED BOX take 2/2 STATUE'S HEART, GLOVE and CHAIN. I can't reproduce the issue at the moment so can't remember it exactly. Ax2-B-Cx3-D-E-F-Gx3-H-L-Jx3-Ix3-Kx2. Take AKHAS IMAGE, CUTTERS (D); use UMBRELLA HANDLE, STAPLE GUN (E). The answer by Sheharyar works as expected. And use "Find in Path" to find other non-touch names you'd like to rename. Use KNITTING NEEDLE (U); take note, FILE and EXTENDER (V). B1x2-D2-C2x3-C3x2-D4-D5-C5x2-A4x2-G-A1-A2x2-C2-A4-A5-F. D1x2-E2-E3-D3x2-D2x3-C2x3-C3x3-A3x2-A2x2-H. Hard solution (M). Worked like charm with minimum time, https://stackoverflow.com/questions/16804093/rename-package-in-android-studio/39701758#39701758, Replace In Path is no longer available tru Shift + R in Android studio 2.3.3, highlight the old path, go to Edit -> Find -> Replace In Path. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/16804093/rename-package-in-android-studio/16988737#16988737, https://stackoverflow.com/questions/16804093/rename-package-in-android-studio/29959857#29959857. After you've done that push Replace All to replace your old package name with your new one. Android Studio will refactor the package name everywhere. Finally click on Do Refactor button marked in image below In order to have the same desired change go one level up i.e com.name and here when you refactor change it to Renamed. The nerve of some shortsighted, trigger-happy people. Now select the folder, click right button to open the contextual menu, select Refactor and then Rename. Place RAMROD, BULLET (L); take TEDDY BEAR (M). I mean, from, This procedure worked for me. I worked two years with Eclipse and in Eclipse it's a one-click operation. For example, if you want to change com.example.app to my.awesome.game, then: In your Project pane, click on the little gear icon ( ), Uncheck the Compact Empty Middle Packages option, Your package directory will now be broken up into individual directories. Use BRUSH; receive GLUE ON BRUSH; use ACID (L); open box, take MUSKET, 1/2 THREAD (M). A-D-B-C-B E-G- H-I-G-F-J. You will see com and com.hello sitting there at the Project(Alt+1 Use CHAIN, CARABINER (U); take 2/2 DOG HEAD ON SPRING, DRY BRUSH and HOOK (V). Take OIL CAN, 1/3 MEDICAL SYMBOL and SCROLL WITH ACADEMY RULES (K). I agree, this was REALLY useful. If still an issue, open a file under the package name, go to the package breadcrumbs (i.e. Use HEAVY GOBLET (R); take NEEDLE, BLADE (S). Video Soluzione 30 Ottobre 2017 BATMAN: The Enemy Within - Ep.2 The Pact Telltale Games, Q4 2017 Video Recensione 04 Settembre 2017 The Bunker Splendy Interactive, Q3 2016 Speciale Calavera. Whoever downvoted this truly is missing something, since my Answer is a synopsis of Sheharyar's answer THAT GOT 332 UPVOTES and all I did was simpllify it since it looks so involved (it isn't). and don't forget to rename ...\Projects\MyProject\app\src\main\java\com\one\lastname, ...\Projects\MyProject\app\src\test\java\com\one\lastname and ...\Projects\MyProject\app\src\androidTest\java\com\one\lastname! Take notes; place STONE BESTIARY, STONE SCROLL (Q) for HOP (R); receive LETTER. It is quite simple and straightforward. Just make sure that the checkboxes for "search in comments and strings" and "search for text occurrences" are both checked for it to work. Package, After that enter your domain name for the package name, Now it has change the package domain name of the App. Be sure to go to Sheharyar's great Answer. Google Groups allows you to create and participate in online forums and email-based groups with a rich experience for community conversations. See: How can I change top level package name in IntelliJ IDEA? Right-click on the package at the Project Panel. Replace KNIFE HANDLE; place DECORATIVE POMMEL; take KNIFE (J). Right-click on the package in the Project pane. Place NUT, HANDLE; take 2/2 NEEDLE AND THREAD, SCOOP and TOY WINDMILL (X). 2/2 CIGAR CASE AMULETS on CLOSED CIGAR CASE; take SEEDS, LIGHTER. Place 3/3 METAL PIGEONS (G); take note (H), BRUSH (I). Hard solution (P). Is there an automatic refactoring included? All of your classes are putting into com/hello/world/, you might DO the following steps to refactoring your package name(s) in Android Studio or IntelliJ: then refactor them by moving them to com and com.hello respectively. I have seen the top voted answers but i found is a little bit different to do this, i try to do the most complete tutorial. Easy solution (O). good method but had to do 2 more things(other than updating manifest file) to make it completely work, firstly had to change/rename the R file imports in whole project and secondly appdebug was using old package name( visible in run window of studio) added applicationId "com.packagename" in app build.gradle defaultconfig .. @baboo To make that first part easier, you can optimize file imports for the whole project by pressing Ctrl+Alt+O and selecting all files, then clicking run.