(you / wash) the dishes yet? Put the verbs into the correct tense (simple past or present perfect simple). Subject Explanations: Present Perfect Tense Also See: Present Perfect Exercises (Part 2) Present Perfect Vs Simple Past Exercises Present Perfect Vs Simple Past Exercises 3 Present Perfect Vs Perfect Continuous Exercises Ever / Never / Just / Already / Yet Exercise 1. Jake his leg. 2 Sean to go to Australia this morning. The past simple is used to talk about completed actions at a particular point in the past, often with dates or times and words like yesterday, last and ago:. Where were you? Malaria? Kurt went to Canada in 1991.; I didn't see you yesterday. B: Oh really. Make the negative present perfect tense. (to leave) Present Perfect Simple Tense Exercise 2 - Negative Form . Choose the correct tense Simple Past or Present Perfect for the exercise below. Learn when to use the present perfect or the past simple tense. » Present Perfect and Simple Past » Exercise; Present Perfect and Simple Past 2 Enter the correct form of the verbs in parentheses. In this exercise you will practise using the past simple and present perfect tenses. Verb Tense Exercise 5 Simple Past and Present Perfect f t p Using the words in parentheses, complete the text below with the appropriate tenses, then click the "Check" button to check your answers. When she (start) to learn English, she (already / learn) French Mother: (you / do / already) your homework? Exercises on Simple Past and Present Perfect Simple Certain time in the past or just / already / yet : Exercise 1 , Exercise 2 Certain event in the past or how often so far: : Exercise 3 , Exercise 4 Put the verbs into the gaps. Type your answers and click on "Check". A: I 1. We (go) to London because the Queen (invite) us for tea. Use Past Simple or Present Perfect. (to break) Clue. Daughter: I (wash) the dishes yesterday, but I (have / not) the time yet to do it today. Past simple/present perfect 2: Help : Move the mouse over an answer to insert it in the sentence. In Canada? Daughter: No, I (come / just) home from school. Pre-intermediate English grammar and exercises. Please note that British English spelling is used on this website. Download this exercise in PDF. … If you need help, you can click on "Hint" to get a free letter. Search this site: search engine by freefind: ... See explanation on Present Perfect Past Simple more exercises . Present perfect or past simple. Past Simple or Present Perfect – Exercise 2. Click here to return to the list of grammar exercises. Click here to review how to make the present perfect. 1293. The Present perfect is used to talk about. Peter last night. Grammar rule for this question: Click the answer to check it. Mother: I want to prepare dinner. Online exercise on the present perfect vs the past simple for learners of English. Exercise instructions Use the words in brackets to put each of the following into either the past simple or present perfect : When he (wake up), his mother (already / prepare) breakfast. Mother: You (come) home from school two hours ago! Do you need help? He (hear) the news, (go) to the telephone and (call) a friend. Exercise 4. Present Perfect and Past Simple Contrasted. Task No. cookie policy . Past simple / Present perfect (simple / continuous) Past simple and Present perfect. exercise Present Perfect vs. Past Simple 2: Complete and correct it immediately, then you will be able to check your knowledge with the related lesson. Exercise 1 Choose the correct present perfect or past simple forms to complete the dialogues below. 1 Have you heard? Put the verbs into the correct tense (simple past or past perfect simple).