It is a dog on which an owner can depend and trust, as they will do everything to protect their family. È anche famoso come cane che non abbaia molto. Imamo tri dečka i dvije cure Otac:Kiroku go Samurai yashiki Majka:Rin go Samurai yashiki Štenci će biti spremni za novi dom od 5.5.'19. As a result, your Akita may start limping around painfully. Akitas are more prone to the following health issues: Second only to the Great Dane, Akitas are more susceptible to bloat, which is the expansion of the stomach with air, followed by its dilation. Akita is a super sweet girl from Puerto Rico! They are also dominant, spontaneous, and independent in their way of behaving. With the thick double-layered coat, this hardy canine is safe from the snow and the cold all winter long. An Akita’s fur is not just dense, but is also prone to shedding. Lokacije. Puoi adottare … Ciao a tutti, siamo Sandro e Marinella. She never fully got over Dad passing. What could be a better proof of this than the legendary tale of Hachiko. Health-wise, there are some medical conditions that your Akita might suffer from. That she might trip him etc. The Akita Inu is also known as Akita-ken, Japanese Akita, and Great Japanese dog. Because they are strong-willed and quite independent, they are not the easiest dogs to train. top 10 most expensive dog breeds in the world, Akita soon found itself aiding the police, being a national treasure in Japan in 1931, 15 Exotic Indian Dog Breeds Worthy of Bollywood, 10 “Dumbest” Dog Breeds & Why They’re Misunderstood. Simply put, these working dogs need to work. L’akita inu è un cane giocherellone ed affettuoso, ma estremamente protettivo. Per questo motivo è necessario spazzolarlo quotidianamente. Uno studio del DNA fatto su 85 razze di cani appartenenti all’American Kennel Club, ha dimostrato che dopo lo Shiba ed il Chow chow, l’Akita è la razza che più si avvicina geneticamente al lupo grigio. La sua aspettativa di vita, se tenuto con cura, è da 12 a 15 anni. Though affectionate to children, they should not be left alone with children other than their own. SUPER CUTE!! Prin clic pe butonul Inregistreaza-te, accept Termenii de utilizare. An Akita’s obsession with cleanliness is often likened to a cat. Mužjak Akita Inu star 2 godine traži curu za parenje. Much of this good fortune reversed during WWII when people began to hunt Akitas for food. Akita pups need a sumptuous daily dose of nutrients and you can provide by observing the following dietary practices –, Once your Akita is two years old, dietary considerations you must bear in mind are –. The stomach may then twist around itself, cutting off the blood supply – gastric torsion. Akitas reached Australia from the US and New Zealand from the UK in 1982 and 1986, respectively. Dad always had a BIG grin on his face when he 1st saw her & said “There’s my dog! So do not make the mistake of entrusting training to someone else, as you will have lost your Akita’s faith. If this happens, the best thing you can do is to ensure that the environment remains unchanged. Other grooming tips for an Akita include –. I like to think my Dad again saw her return to him & Dad proudly told all. Caring for an Akita entails keeping it engaged. Akitas will probably need a bath every few months plus the usual nail trimming and ear checking like any other dog breed. Likewise, outdoor exercise is a great idea but choosing a park full of children and other animals is a complete no-no. The only way you can get rid this is by frequent vacuum cleaning and regular brushing of the fur. Exact causes are unknown, though this condition usually happens in deep-chested dogs when they exercise after eating large amounts of food. Hachiko was born in 1923 and was owned by a Professor from Tokyo who lived in the outskirts of the city and commuted every day to work by train. Dad passed away about 6yrs later. As a pet owner you must accept this characteristic and teach your child how to properly interact with them. Because obedience does not come naturally to an Akita, it is difficult to train them. Akitas are very wilful and sometimes obstinate. I told my Dad about her & asked if she could stay with him a day or 2? L’Akita-inu è un cane di taglia medio grande che va dai 30kg ai 40kg per il maschio (da adulto) e dai 26kg ai 30kg per le femmine, all’incirca. We are driven by our passion for the canine-human connection. We named her “Elly Mae” & her brother “Jed”. They are fearless and brave, yet they behave in a calm, quiet, and dignified manner. Moreover, a statue of an Akita is traditionally given to new-borns as a symbol of health and a long, happy life. Like other dog breeds, an Akita can also suffer from cancer of lymph nodes or bone. L'Akita, chiamato anche Akita Inu (inu in giapponese significa cane), è una razza che viene dal Giappone, dove viene considerato un tesoro nazionale. But my husband thought since she was such a large dog. He was having problems sleeping. Domus Annia seleziona solo Shiba Inu.Vi spieghiamo le differenze tra le due razze giapponesi. Akitas are large, spitz-like dogs that were initially raised for hunting bears, but are now kept as pets, therapy dogs or police/military dogs. He said “YES! Ciao a tutti, siamo Sandro e Marinella. Not that the grooming needs to be particularly detailed, but there are basic grooming necessary for these dogs. 1day she too had passed quietly & quickly. As an owner, you’ll need to incorporate grooming as part of your Akita’s daily routine. People started calling him "Chuken-Hachiko", meaning "Hachiko, the faithful dog" and they even made a bronze statue of him at the train station. They are considered dangerous dogs in some countries’ legislation and anyone thinking about getting an Akita should bear in mind the legal liabilities, such as insurance policies. È un cane dalle dimensioni e dalla fisicità importanti che, se non educato propriamente, può recare disordine negli ambienti casalinghi. Origini. Powerful that an Akita is, it is also fearless and courageous. The Akita has a striking appearance with its robust physique, firm muscles and large head. In fact, this dog breed is inherently wary not just of unfamiliar humans but also of unknown animals, particularly male members. Bisogna riflettere con cura prima di portare a casa un Akita Inu. In Japan, the topic is quite controversial and because the Akita is a national symbol of the country, there are breed standards that were created for careful breeding that clearly make the distinction between the Japanese and the American Akita. Her brother looked like a German Shepard-not at all like his sister with a Spitz type Tail & body & head like an Akita. OLX Online Services S.R.L. Chi siamo. They do love the snow and the cold weather and will enjoy a nice run out in the cold. I asked Dad if he wanted to keep her? Akitas are handsome, intelligent, and strong dogs known for being courageous and wilful. Il mio cane è il nuovo portale per tutti gli amanti degli amici a quattro zampe. These are a few points to consider when examining this breed’s temperament: Usually a pet dog loves being around children and an Akita is no exception. Grooming: They generally don’t require much grooming, as the biggest grooming task is cleaning up after their shedding. With a simple glance, you’ll notice a certain arrogance that discourages strangers from getting too friendly. ‘Complicated’ is the word that best describes an Akita’s temperament and personality. Our Japanese Akitas are registered with the Akita-Inu Hozonkai (AKIHO) whose headquarters are located in Odate, Japan, in the Akita Prefecture. Challenge this canine and you end up facing a formidable opponent who will fight until its very last vestige of courage. L’Akita inu ha un doppio mantello, quello esterno è composto da peli lisci e grossolani, mentre il sotto pelo è morbido e denso. Bisogna riflettere con cura prima di portare a casa un Akita Inu. Although it is not painful, it leads to sight impairment and ultimately to blindness. The more respect and incentives you provide them, the easier it’ll be to train. Usually, households that keep an Akita are likely to have its fur spread over everything, from carpets and furniture to food. Hyperthyroidism is another condition which can cause hair loss, epilepsy, lethargy and so on. Akita Inu is a Japanese breed of dogs that does not go unnoticed due to its imposing, strong, and powerful looks. Dolazi iz srpskog HAIKU KEN KENNELA , mama i tata su mu redovno po natjecanjima, vrlo uspješan Kennel. I was privileged to have once rescued a pup who looked very much like an Akita. They’re extremely cautious around strangers, making them great guard dogs. It stayed that way for weeks & weeks after. The Akita is dominant and intolerant of other animals, especially same-sex dogs, and they need consistent leaders, capable of firm training. I rescued the Akita & a male Pup dumped with her. L’Akita è un cane dalle origini giapponesi chiamate anche Akita Inu, perché in giapponese Inu significa cane.Il suo nome ufficiale e riconosciuto dalla Federazione Cinologica Internazionale, perciò, è senza “Inu” (poiché sarebbe superfluo specificare che parliamo di un cane! Cura e alimentazione dell’Akita Inu. On your part, you can respect this instinctive nature by not keeping any other pets. L’Akita è un cane guerriero, molto rustico e robusto.. è nato cosi. Because they are inherently dominant and may attack other animals, off-the-leash walks or visiting a dog park are not overly recommended, however, that is not to say that all Akitas are exactly same and this should be assessed on a case-by-case basis. We are eternally grateful for her. Friendliness: The Akita Inus are not the friendliest of dog breeds. Of course such unwavering dedication deserves appreciation. The Akita Inu is most similar to the Shiba Inu and Shikoku Inu. Lista poze rase caini, pentru a va ajuta sa gasiti noi rase de caini care va plac sau sa aflati carei rase de caini apartine cainele dumeavoastra. This dog breed was named after the Akita prefecture – a cold, rugged and mountainous region located in the island of Honshu in Northern Japan. While going out, do not leave it alone for stretches of long hours as it could render the canine indignant. Without daily ‘work,’ it could put a strain on them both physically and mentally. Sorvegliare e pulire le orecchie e gli occhi. For a well-nourished Akita Inu, serve between 3 to 5 bowls of food daily. They are also clean pets to have, having some characteristics that resemble cats, such as cleaning their face after eating, being delicate around the house, and being quite hard to please, getting easily bored. Akitas are also possessive about their food, toys and territory. The Japanese Akita is a little smaller and also lighter than its American counterpart. Others link the Akita to the Japanese Spitz – another Japanese dog breed – because of physical similarities between the two. What’s worst is that this condition could potentially aggravate into anemia or enzyme deficiency. Akita Inu e allergie alimentari. As soon as she saw he was “gone”? However, daily walks and an occasional vigorous run suffices to make an Akita happy. Expect others to honor the boundaries that they set. On one hand, Hachiko’s devotion to its master earned the breed worldwide recognition and stature of being a national treasure in Japan in 1931. L’Akita è un cane giapponese di taglia medio grande.Viene chiamato anche Akita inu, in quanto la parola “inu” in giapponese significa cane. }. Having done that, it can launch a ferocious attack when you are least expecting it. E' Nuovo ed è Social! Hachiko would walk with his owner to and from the train station every day, waiting for him to come back home on the 4 o’clock train. Their talents have long been used for hunting big game like elk, boars and bears. God sent Dad the perfect companion. That being said, these dogs will showers their master with unquestioning devotion. L’aspettativa di vita di questa razza si aggira intorno ai 10 anni. ). Parallel to it, the American Akita came into existence thousands of miles away and soon carved its own distinct identity. Sensibile ed affettuoso, soprattutto con il suo gruppo sociale, lo è meno con gli sconosciuti. But? An Akita does not like being teased and regards this as an insult to its dignity and pride. Purtroppo con selezioni non molto accurate sono state fissate nella razza varie patologie ereditarie tra cui le principali sono: displasia dell’anca, oculopatie, adenite sebacea e intolleranze alimentari. Skin autoimmune disorders include pemphigus, lupus, and vitiligo, all causing skin lesions. A Monteforte Irpino gli immigrati protestano lanciando cibo in strada, l'indignazione di Maccari: 'nessuno se ne cura' Immigrati gettano cibo in strada: 'È un affronto agli italiani bisognosi' It is said that Japanese mothers would leave their children under their Akita’s care, which clearly demonstrates the level of trust one can put in an Akita. La nascita naturale della razza Akita Inu è avvenuta più di 3000 anni fa e proviene dalla regione di Akita in Giappone, da cui prende il nome.Gli antenati di questa razza erano cani che venivano usati come supporto per la caccia agli orsi, avevano una taglia media e condividevano le caratteristiche fisiche dell’Akita Inu di oggi. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to This site is owned and operated by Jenco Digital LLC. Browse thru Akita Puppies for Sale near Orlando, Florida, USA area listings on to find your perfect puppy. fifteen These dogs also love to play and interact with children. Elly Mae!”. Others started breeding them with German Shepherds, to turn them into military dogs and save them from being killed. This is another reason why its so crucial to buy a puppy Akita from a reputable breeder. Members of this dog breed can easily get bored, which may result in destructive behavior. L’Akita Inu è una razza canina dalle origini antichissime originaria del Giappone, dove ancora oggi è quasi “venerato” come se fosse un animale sacro. “Theres MY dog! There are no user comments for this listing. He told us how he knew that + the fact a litter can have more than 1Father. E’ caratterizzato da coda arricciata, orecchie dritte con la punta leggermente arrotondata e da una testa piuttosto grande, dalla forma più o meno triangolare. But if you observe these tips over a period of time, your beloved Akita will be primed for a well-being through many long years. Some personnel of the US military took some Akita dogs to the US, as they started fancying the breed. Eventually during the latter half of the twentieth century, the Akita was reinstated as the national symbol of Japan. Positive reinforcement through rewards and praise will make training easier but consistency is the most important feature of an Akita’s training program. But we took her to Dad & watched her & Dad closely. Per questo non è difficile tenerlo pulito. Despite being rehomed by the family's gardener, Hachiko spent the remainder of his 9 years of life going to the train station every afternoon, waiting patiently for hours and hoping for Eizaburo's return. Then back to the front door. Dad was not nearly as lonely anymore & Elly Mae had her very own Master. Having laid down the rules and maintained consistency, you can trust this canine with anything ranging from your kids to your life and everything in between. Una volta conquistata la sua fiducia e stima ci seguirà con dignitosa devozione, come solo questa razza sa fare. Two Akitas were presented to her (as the first one died of distemper soon after she went back to the United States). In spite of that, they are quite low maintenance. Being an innate hunter, an Akita finds it difficult to suppress the urge to chase other animals. If it suffers from shock due to his heart being deprived of blood supply, it can potentially die if not immediately attended to. My life it's always around Japan and Akita Inu. Because of their thick coat, they can tolerate cold extremely well, but being out in the heat will take a major toll on them. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Akita Inu e allergie alimentari. He was in his 80’s & had Alzheimers. This would ensure that while your Akita has the energy to remain active throughout the day, it would not pack on extra pounds. Members of this breed travelled to America for the first time in 1937 under the ownership of Helen Keller, who seemed to have taken an instant liking to them. AKITA INU: Japanska i američka pasmina koja ima najpoznatiju priču na svijetu. So do your research and judge whether you are up for it in every way before bringing one home. The moment Akita pups turn four months old, their growth is rapid enough to put them at the risk of bone deficiency.