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E-mail a Brian Whitney del 29 Agosto 02, the first one I'm
referring to now that le ho fatto vedere. Ricordae?

"sono in una safehouse della polizia packing una pistola." And the
other line? That should be in quotes, by the way. I apologize.

"Ho dato a lui tre settimane di tempo per mettere a posto le cose, e lui
ha detto che non mi ha fatto nulla. Questa la storia" Firmato "Becca.

Quando le ho fatto vere questa e-mail, lei
ha rinnegato -- ha rinnegato , per qualche ragione,

"Io non ho scritto questo." Ricordate? "Non una delle
e-mails che ho consegnato ," lei ha detto, "a Mr. Romero," il pubblico ministero.

Questo ha detto. And she said it with anger, with spite,
like, you know, I'm trying to fool her or something. "I never
said this.
I didn't even have a gun. How would I say that?
That's crazy. I gave him three weeks to make -- I didn't say
that, no way."

And then what happened? For some reason -- and I
don't know what the reason was, and I won't speculate -- she
thought that that e-mail looked different; that she thought,

"Hey, something is going on here. I should deny this. He

probably can't prove that it came from me."
What was she

thinking? And then I showed her one of the e-mails that she
gave to Mr. Romero.
She had to admit it came from her. Same
exact lines were in it. And then what was her answer?
What about that?

Was that just a mistake? "Oh, I don't know what
I meant by that." What was her answer to that?
How could she
possibly explain that?
She was going to come and swear to you

she didn't write that. When she is caught, when she is
caught, "I'm sorry. Just a mistake. Come on, I made so many

statements, how could I possibly remember. Just a mistake."